Exploring Antigua

Shirley Heights

This rattling on selection of gun emplacements and military buildings is best known today for the absolutely impressive prospect that it provides. From the Heights one can look far out over English Harbour, and on Sunday afternoons the view is accompanied by barbecue, rum punch, and the plangent strains of steel band and reggae music. The site is named for General Shirley, Governor of the Leeward Islands when the location was fortified in the late eighteenth century. Nearby is the burial ground, where stands an obelisk set up in honor of the soldiers of the 54th regiment.

Sea View Farm

Town Antiguan folk pottery dates back a minimum of to the early 18th century, when slaves made cooking vessels from local clay. Today, folk pottery is fashioned in a number of places around Antigua, but the center of this cottage industry is Sea View Farm Town. The clay is collected from pits found close by, and the items are fired in an open fire under layers of green yard in the backyards of the potters’ residences. People pottery can be purchased at outlets in the town along with at a variety of establishments around the island. Purchasers ought to be aware that Antiguan folk pottery breaks rather easily in cold environments.

Consistency Hall Art Gallery

Consistency Hall, in Brown’s Bay at Nonsuch Bay, is the center of the Antiguan arts neighborhood. Exhibits change throughout the year, however the annual highlights are the Antigua Artist’s Exhibition and the Craft Fair, both in November. The sugar mill tower around which Harmony Hall is developed has been converted to a bar and supplies its patrons with among the island’s best panoramic views, consisting of a fine prospective customer of Nonsuch Bay.

Gallery of Antigua and Barbuda

This captivating gallery informs the tale of Antigua and Barbuda from its geological birth through the present day. A cool oasis in the middle of St. John’s, the gallery consists of a wide variety of remarkable items and exhibits, ranging from a life-size replica of an Arawak home to the bat of Viv Richards, one of the best cricket players of perpetuity.
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