St. John

St. John’s Antigua

The horizon of St. John’s, the capital and largest city of Antigua and Barbuda, is controlled by the magnificently evocative white baroque towers of St. John’s Cathedral. Built in 1845, the church is now in its third version, as earthquakes in 1683 and in 1745 ruined the previous properties. The towers are the first sight of Antigua for about half of the island’s visitors each year, many of whom show up by watercraft. With its recently completed cruise liner dock and numerous hotels, St. John’s is a dynamic hub for shopping and dining.

For those interested in the very early history of the island, there is the Gallery of Antigua and Barbuda, housed in the colonial Court House (1750). The museum displays both Arawak and colonial artifacts recuperated on archaeological digs on the islands. It also showcases a thought-provoking, life-size replica of an Arawak residence, models of sugar plantations, and so on

. On Friday and Saturday early mornings, make certain to visit the vibrant farmers market on the southern edge of the city. Folk crafts, colorful exotic fruits, and a buzzing crowd make for a dynamic early morning.

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