Getting to and Around Antigua


Rental Automobiles


Leasing a vehicle is a perfect method to find even more of Antigua while on your getaway. The cost has to do with US$ 40-50 daily. In addition to a legitimate driver’s license from your nation of house, or an international motorist’s license, a permit to drive in Antigua is required. The rental agency can assist you in getting this short-term license, which costs roughly US$ 20 and stands for 3 months. Always remember that driving here is on the left side of the roadway! Here is a listing of rental firms:



Budget plan Lease A Car.
P.O. Box 1600.
Tel: 268-462-3009.
Tel: 268-462-6702.
(Barrymore Beach Branch).
Fax: 268-460-9177

Capital Vehicle Rentals and Tours.
St. George& & Popeshead Street.
Tel: 268- 462-0863/461 -2165

Carters Lease A Car.
P.O. Box 3383.
VC. Bird Int Flight terminal.
Tel: 268-463-0675

Dions Rent An Automobile & & Taxi Service.
P.O. Box 1544.
VC Bird Int Airport Coolidge.
Tel: 268-462-3466 / 461-3267.
Fax: 268-462-3267

Dollar Lease A Car.
Manufacturing facility Roadway, Box 1005.
St. Johns.
Tel: 268-462-0362.
Tel: (268)-0123 / 460-7699.
Fax: (268)-462 -5907.
VC. Bird Int Airport.
Tel: -LRB-268-RRB- 462-8802 Hertz Lease A Vehicle

. P.O. Box 1323.
All Saints Roadway St. John’s.
Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-481-4440.
Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-481-4460.
Airport Branch -LRB-268-RRB-481-4455.
Royal Antiguan Branch 268-481-4457.
Jolly Harbour (268)2481-4456

Huntley Car Rental.
Alfred Peters Street.
Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-1575 Hyatt Rent-A-Car. English Harbour Branch -LRB-268-RRB-460-6551. Lunar Park Branch -LRB-268-RRB-463-2012 Ivor’sAutomobile Rental & Taxi Service.
Liberta Town. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-460-1241. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-460-3357 Jacob’s

Bird Int’l Flight terminal. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-0576 Jeeps R United States

Box 2819 Tindale Roadway.
Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-9099 Jonas Rent-A-Car. Box 1831 Manufacturing facility Roadway. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-3760. Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-463-7625.
VC. Bird Int’l Airport
Branch -LRB-268-RRB-462-9296. Jolly Harbour -LRB-268-RRB-462-9418 Lion

‘s Vehicle Rental. English Harbour Branch -LRB-268-RRB-460-1400. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-463-7100.
Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-460-2707.
Airport Roadway Branch -LRB-268-RRB-562-2708.
Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-562-2707 National Automobile Rental. Carlisle

Flight terminal Road.
Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-2113. Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-462-2113 Oakland Rent-A-Car.
VC. Bird Int’l Flight terminal
Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-3021 Haven Automobile Rental.
Rex Halycon Cove. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-9780 Prince’s Rent-A-Car. FtRoadway St. John’s.
Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-0766 Rawlins Supreme Car Rental.
Fitzroy Roadway St. Johnsons

Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-461-0110 / 1878. Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-481-1878 Stead’s Rent-A-Car. Airport Road -LRB-268-RRB-462-9970. Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-460-5603 Slane

‘s Supreme Car Rental.
Lower Newgate Street St. John’s. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-8789. Tel

: 268)461-6171.
Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-460-5836 Thrifty Automobile Rental
. Flight terminal Roadway St. John’s.

Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-9532. Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-463-9030. VC.
Bird Int ‘l Flight terminal Branch -LRB-268-RRB-462-8803 Town Automobile Rental. Box 1309 Anchorage
Roadway St. John’s. Tel

: -LRB-268-RRB-461-3746.
Travelling By Air.
V.C. Bird International

Airport, located on the northeast corner of Antigua, is the point of entry for site visitors arriving
by air to Antigua & Barbuda. There are both direct

air travels and connections from North America via San Juan and St. Martin and numerous weekly air travels from
Europe. Scheduled and charter service is available to

many of the neighboringislands. Flying times:. New york city
– 4 hrs.; Miami– 3

hrs.; Baltimore– 4 hrs.; Toronto– 4 hrs.; Puerto Rico– 1 hr.; London– 8 hrs.; Frankfurt– 9 1/4 hrs.; Paris– 8 hrs.

Airlines Serving North America:. Air Canada. -LRB-800-RRB- 422-6232. -LRB-268-RRB- 462-1147. American Airlines. -LRB-800-RRB- 433-7300. -LRB-268-RRB- 462-0950. Caribbean Airlines. Reservations & Info:+800 744 2225(toll complimentary). Continental Airlines. -LRB-800-RRB- 231-0856. -LRB-268-RRB- 462-5355. Delta -LRB-800-RRB- 532-4777. -LRB-800-RRB- 337-4777. Air travels from Atlanta on Wednesday and Sunday. United States Airways. -LRB-268-RRB- 480-5601 Extension 5704. -LRB-800-RRB- 622 1015. Passing by Air From The UK. Caribbean Airlines

offer a daily regularity with our code share partner British Airways via Barbados and Trinidad. Bookings: 020 8577 1100. British Airways name=”airlinesnorthamerica”>(daily). Reservations:

0870 850 9 850(24hrs).
Virgin Atlantic(Twice Weekly).

Reservations: 01293
747 747. Airlines Serving Europe:. British Airways

-LRB-800-RRB- 247-9297. -LRB-268-RRB- 462-3219. Virgin Atlantic(Twice Weekly). Reservations: 01293 747 747. Inter-Island Airlines:. LIAT Set up service from the Caribbean and South America.

-LRB-268-RRB- 480-5601.
Air St. Kitts/Nevis. Charter service to most neighboring islands. -LRB-268-RRB- 465-8571(Call accumulate). Carib

Air travel. Charter service to most neighboring islands.
V.C. Bird International Flight terminal.(or PO Box 318, St. Johns). Antigua, West Indies. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB- 462-3147 or 462-3452. Fax: -LRB-268-RRB- 462-3125. After-hours calls: -LRB-268-RRB- 461-1650. Email Caribbean Airlines We
offer a direct or linking flights from Trinidad, Tobago, Barbados, Paramaribo,



Antigua on Sunday, Tuesday Thursday and Friday. Montserratt Airways. Charter service to

most neighboring islands. Passing by Sea. Cruise ship ports are found at St. John’s Harbour and Heritage Quay, in the heart of the country’s capital, and minutes far from Antigua’s excellent beaches andwater sports. Private boaters can get in at St. John’s Harbour on the westcoastline, English Harbour or the St.
James’Club in the south, or Crabbs Marina in
the northeast.

. Bare-boat or crewed chartering is offered with:.
Nicholson’s Yacht Charters.



name=”airlineseurope”>800-662-6066, -LRB-617-RRB- 661-0554.


Sun Yacht Charters
Tel: 800-772-3500, 207-236-9611.

Nicholson Yacht Charters Inc. Website: Barbuda Express. The Barbuda Express is

cutting-edge wave-piercing design offering maximum passenger convenience

at name=”interisland”>high speed and a trip time


90 minutes in almost all weather conditions. It runs 5 days a week between St Johnsand Barbuda:. Barbudans can spend a hassle-free day in St Johns for company & / or shopping with a liberal allowance for personal goods continued board by hand. Antiguans can check out Barbuda for the day or longer, at practical rates, to delight in the outstanding appeal and peace of their sister island. Travelers can financially visit Barbuda with a choice of bundles to discover and find this undeveloped and little-visited island. Freight can be regularly
and reliably moved
in between the islands. Getting Around Antigua. Taxi. Taxi are offered throughout Antigua. Fares in between
the flight terminal, harbor, and numerous hotels and destinations are taken care of and can be acquired upon arrival. Sample fares from V.C. Bird International Airport to: Nelsons Dockyard– US$
21; Shirley Heights– US$ 21; St. John’s– US$ 7.

Taxi drivers are also certified as tourist guide for sightseeing trips.

Trip rates can

acquired beforehand through
hotels and resorts. Download the Official Taxi Fare file (pdf-format ). Buses. There is some neighborhood bus service; schedules and courses can be obtained through the hotels and resorts. Lawrence of Antigua P.O Box 73,. St. Johns,.

Antigua. Telephone: 1 -LRB-268-RRB- 464-4428(Antigua– International Number). -LRB-717-RRB- 389-6181 (Number to call from the U.S. and Canada). Email: Website: Scenic Tours Antigua Trips and Transport. P.O. Box W1639, St. John

. Phone: 1 -LRB-268-RRB- 764 3060 / 720 4020.
Toll Free: 1 888 380 1234.
E-mail: Website

: Travel Representatives and Bureaus Alexander Parrish(Antigua)LTD. Thames Street Box 45 St. John’s. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-0187. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-0387 / 4458.

Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-462-4457 Bryson’s Travel bureau.
Long and Thames Street Box 162. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-480-1230. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-480-1233 / 4/6. Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-462-5324 Carib-World Travel. Cruise Specialists.

Woods Centre Box W122 St. John’s. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-480-2999. Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-480-2985. Redcliff Street Branch name=”barbudaexpress”>-LRB-268-RRB-480-2990. Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-480-2995 Global Travel & Tours LTD. High Street St. John’s. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-480-1001. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-480-1002 / 3/4/5. Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-480-1006 International Travel Consultants LTD. Thames & Church Streets Box 346 St. John’s. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-0811. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-2053 / 0634/9781. Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-462-4156 Kiskidee Travel & Tours. Briggins Road Box 185 St. John’s .

Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-4801. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-463-7392. Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-462-4802 Nicholsson Travel. Briggins Roadway Box 185
St. John’s. English Harbour Branch -LRB-268-RRB-562-2065 Novella’s Travel & Tours. Yacht Club Marina Building Nelson Dockyard Box 1813. English Harbour -LRB-268-RRB-460-1209. Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-462-3352 Travel Connections Ltd.
Cobbs Cross. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-3963. Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-462-4780 Tri Star Travel LTD. Old Paraham Road Box 1538 St. John’s. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-481-1702. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-481-1703 / 4. Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-481-1701. Jolly Harbour Branch -LRB-268-RRB-481-1707. Nevis Street & Temple Street -LRB-268-RRB-481-1706 Wadadli Travel & Tours Ltd. Box 589 Market Street St. John’s. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-2227. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-2228 / 4489. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-460-7955. Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-462-4489 West Indian International Tours. Briggins Road Box 185.
Tel:(2680462-0582. Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-462-4802. Trip Operators & Ground Handling Agents Alexander Parrish( Antigua)LTD Thames Street Box 45 St. John’s. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-0187. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-0387 / 4458. Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-462-4457. E-mail: Antours

Edge name=”around”>Long & Thames Street Box 508. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-4788 St. John ‘s
name=”taxis”>. VC.

Bird Int ‘l Airport Branch -LRB-268-RRB-460-7374. Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-462-4799 BO Tours. Box 2323 St. John’s. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-6632. Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-462-5336 Destination Antigua P.O Box 804 St. John’s. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-463-1944. Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-463-3344 International Travel Consultant LTD. Thames & Church Street. Box 346 St. John’s. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-0811. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-2053 / 0634/9781. Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-462-4156 National Tours. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-7979. Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-462-7979 Paradise Island Tours Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-7208 / 727-5632. John Henry. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-461-8179 / 727-6953. Michael Joseph. Email:. Sales @ Antigua Vacations Ltd. Box 1026.St. Mary’s Street. Jardine Court. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-460-7383. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-460-7384 / 6919.

Tel :


name=”buses”> Kiskidee Travel & Tours. Briggins Roadway. Box 185 St. John’s. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-4801. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-463-7392. Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-462-4802 Nicholson’s Travel Company. P.O. Box 185.

St. John’s, Antigua W.I. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB- 463-7391 / 2. Fax: -LRB-268-RRB- 462-4802 Coral Island Tours. Team, Tours, Transfers,
. Incentive Programs. Redcliff Quay Box 1275 St. John’s.
Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-460-5625. Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-460-5626. Email. Wadadli Travel & Tours
Ltd. St.
John’s. Tel: -LRB-268-RRB-462-2227 / 28. Tel
: -LRB-268-RRB-773-0364 / 724-0367. Tel
: -LRB-268-RRB-560-5087. E-mail:. Friday @ Global Travel & Tours. High Street St. John’s. Tel:

-LRB-268-RRB-480-1230. Fax: -LRB-268-RRB-462-0320